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Unlock the full potential of YouTube with YouTube Pro APK. Get access to premium features and enjoy ad-free browsing, background play, and offline viewing. Enhance your YouTube experience and take control of your content consumption. Download YouTube Pro APK now and boost your entertainment journey to new heights!

Version | 26

Size | 60.2 MB


As we all know that youtube is the world’s most famous platform as a video watching application. This app made millions of creators that are making extremely amazing content and earning huge amounts of money. Last few updates made this app a bit disappointing as now it shows many annoying ads. This app makes it difficult to watch the videos that people love. 

You don’t need to worry guys, we have a great solution for you. Download the latest version of Youtube Pro, the app which will absolutely change the way of watching videos on youtube.

Say goodbye to those annoying ads and experience the latest uninterrupting Youtube Pro.

Make sure to read the whole article to get fully informed about this amazing application.

What is Youtube Pro Apk?

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You all know youtube but this is the mod version of youtube with some unique features that will change the video viewing experience. Youtube Pro is one of the best mods of youtube as it will give you features that the official app doesn’t provide you. You will never get disappointed by those annoying ads and always have a great video watching experience. You will experience premium features of youtube without paying any charges.

Youtube Pro is getting updated and making it more comfortable to become the best alternative of youtube revanced. Download Youtube Pro now to enjoy all the latest features. Make sure to download this app from the link provided on our official site. We do not guarantee when you download it from other third party sites as it may contain some bug issues.

  • BG Play
  • Sign in Support [MicroG Required]
  • Premium Features Unlocked
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Features of YouTube Pro APK

Download Videos

Yes, you heard it right now you can easily download any video you like. Official youtube will never provide you these features for free. You will be provided with a download button right below the playing video. Just click on the download button and download the video you like. Your downloaded video will be saved in the device gallery. You do not need any third party app to download any kind of video.

No Ads

Ads are very annoying when you use an official Youtube application. You have to see those annoying ads and there will be no other option. Download Youtube Pro and get an ads free experience now you do not have to waste time on watching those annoying ads.Our ad blocking feature will provide you the unique streaming of videos without any ads.

Play in background

As we all know that this is the premium feature of youtube that can only be used when we pay for a subscription plan. In the updated version of Youtube Pro you can use this feature for absolutely free of cost. You can play the video in the background while doing any of your personal stuff. So, you can work on other apps while opening a small window of the video you are playing. 

Premium Badge

You will get a premium badge on the top of the application UI. This premium badge will make your youtube pro look more classy and unique. It will look like the official youtube premium app. The UI of this app will make you more comfortable to operate. Download the Yt Pro app now and get the premium facility of youtube.

Sponsor Block

Beside the ads people also have issues when the creator makes a sponsor ads and users have to watch it. Yt Pro app has a latest feature to block the sponsor video. Now you can skip the creator’s ads in just one click. Just click on the skip sponsor option and the ads will be skipped. Your video watching experience will never get ruined by the sponsored content. Your video will be played without any kind of ads.

Enable Dislike Button

Now you have full control on your video watching experience as if you do not like the video you can easily dislike it with the help of the dislike button. You can make a great decision whether to watch the video or not. Whenever you get disappointed with a video you can simply dislike it and it will never annoy you more.

Login With MicroG

Bu uygulama düşük internet bağlantılarında bile iyi performans gösterir, bu nedenle sürekli ara belleğe alınan ekranlar konusunda endişelenmenize gerek yoktur. Çok sayıda kullanıcıya sorunsuz maç ve film akışı sağlayan geniş bir sunucumuz var. Herhangi bir güçlük çekmeden kesintisiz akışın keyfini çıkarabileceğinizden emin olabilirsiniz.

Disable Youtube Shorts

After the great success of TikTok, all the other famous social media came with their short videos like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Watching these videos will be more time consuming and waste your precious time. Many people don’t even realize how much time they have wasted while watching Youtube Shorts. Youtube Pro provides you a feature to hide or disable the Youtube Shorts so that you can consume your precious time on other productive stuff.

How to download and install youtube pro latest version?

  • First of go to download link and download YouTube Pro and MicroG in your device.
  • Wait for the downloading to be completed.
  • Now go to Settings>Security>allow Unknown Sources and enable it
  • Now tap on the downloaded file and click on the Install button
  • Now click on the Open button as shown in below image
  • Also repeat above steps and install MicroG in your device

Note: Install MircoG, if your YouTube Pro is not working properly in your device.

Download Details of YouTube Pro APK

NameYouTube Pro
Size60.2 MB
Updated1 Day Ago


Yes, the latest version of youtube pro is fully safe to download.

 No, this app is specially made for the android users so you can not download it on the iphone. Infact, IOS users cannot download Youtube Pro as it is only made for android users. IOS users can find another way to use applications like this.

Yes,this app will provide you not only the premium badge but also all those premium features that require a subscription plan. You can use all those premium features for free. This will provide you a next level youtube video watching experience. 


This is all the information we can provide you about Youtube Pro. This app is made for video watching purposes. You can easily experience the premium features of Youtube without taking any kind of subscription plan. This app is absolutely free for all the users and they can watch anything they want without any interruption of ads. Youtube Pro is more safe to download when you download it from the link provided on our official site.